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Shivanikan Creations has collaborated with RTSA to hold these summer camps and future advance workshops to be held at various locations in North America.

Would this camp promise any chance in the films or TV?

As we all know that any talent gets recognition if you excel in it. Getting trained by the Acting Guru Prof Taneja, who is the sculptor of many fine bollywood actors, further adds to your credentials and is a good starting point for those who seriously want to make it to films and TV. RTSA will also be able to introduce the deserving students to various reputed production houses in Mumbai.

Since Indian Television is making its mark in the United States in a big way by starting some local Indian channels, there will be a huge demand of actors for many shows which will be produced locally in New York and other parts of the country.

Isn’t 4 weeks too short a period to learn acting?

Learning is an on going processs, any time period is insufficient. The four weeks is going to be an experience for students to find out how passionate they are about acting. The state of the art training they will receive from the pioneer in acting, Prof Taneja will give them an opportunity to polish their natural talent.

Do you have any arrangements for boarding and lodging of the students who are coming from another state or country?

We help students by organizing their stay at some good reasonably priced hotels close to the venue of the camp.

Students are encouraged to reside at one place as they have to practice for their group activities. This enables them to learn from others and also help them mingle and establish good relationships with the fellow campers.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, we provide lunch.

Are there any other activities such as swimming outdoor sports during the day or it is just acting?

ACTING FOR FILMS is an intensive acting camp geared towards professional acting. There are no other activities other than the rigorous course of the workshop.

CONFIDENCE FOR LIFE: This course involves indoor activities which will take place in the studio.

YEH MERA INDIA: Indoor activities.

Do you provide transportation?

No, we do not provide transportation.

Will the student get a certificate after completion and will this certification help in pursuing acting as a career?

Yes, Prof Taneja will himself award the certificates with his signatures to all the participants and that will definitely help them in pursuing their career of acting in Indian films and Indian TV.

Will every student get a recording of there performance during the camp?

Students enrolled for ‘Acting for Films’ and ‘Confidence for Life’ courses will receive the DVD of their Scenes and Monologues which will help them in future casting calls and auditions.

Students enrolled in ‘Yeh Mera India’ will receive photographs.

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