Access to Bollywood


A journey of four weeks, in which we searched, sought, and shared – so much –

In this pioneering ‘acting camp’, which was the dream and dare of Anu Dhir, students from all across USA, and as far away as the Caribbean, gathered together with Shri Roshan Taneja and Tom Alter – guru and chela – to test themselves to the very limits of their physical and emotional souls.

They moved, they roared, they danced, they cried, they leapt, they wept, they grew still and silent, they went deep within themselves, and flew far away from themselves – as they sought to find the individual artist within each one of them.

Shri Roshan Taneja, the most renowned teacher of acting in India, believes that each actor, or actress, has his or her own private path to not only success, but, far more, to satisfaction. And in these four weeks of Access to Bollywood, both he and Alter were amazed at the enthusiasm and energy of the students, and the great distances they covered in such a short time.

Each day was paved with with unique exercises, innovations, and discoveries – for students and teachers alike.

Movement, action problem, imagination, sense memory, improvisation – they awoke the students, relaxed them, made them both concentrate and expand, explore; and then monologues and scenes followed, taxing and tough, in both Hindi and English – students who were reluctant to speak, or swore they could not memorize lines, or were too shy to be romantic in front of the class, performed, in the end – for both class and camera – with sudden confidence and courage which left teachers and classmates stunned.

The four weeks are over – a journey is complete; but a much greater journey, a much longer journey looms ahead, lures ahead; as Shri Taneja says so wisely – “You need patience and perseverance – without these factors, no one can never be an actor or an actress –”

Thanks to ACCESS TO BOLLYWOOD – and Anu and her dream – a unique group of people, ranging in ages from ten to nearly forty, have begun that great and long journey. Now they have to show that patience, that perseverance – so that each of them, in their own personal and individual ways, can make that journey complete.

Camp Highlights 2010

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