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Simply amazing!!!
Farida Malik

Tom alter, roshan taneja were exceptional!
Farida Malik

Yes, I agree with Farida… they both were exceptional Guru's. I had a great learning experience… it was an amazing journey :-)
Jyoti Singh

I had the greatest learning experience… being in the world of Tom Alter and Roshan Taneja and learning every day. It was the best :)
Ankita Patil

Miss those days… It has been more than a month now when we all split up… Miss you all :-)
Jyoti Singh (New York, NY)

Most of us are back in their same old busy life … but some of us it was a life changing camp… :)
Prerana Patel (New York, NY)

I still dream about us!!! I MISS U GUYS…
Aesha Pandya (South Jersey, NJ)

Changed my life =)
Amresh Gosai (Los Rios Colleges)

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